The Persistence of Memory reflects my interest in a range of musics. I remember a surreal week in 2001 where I went to see Iron Maiden at the NEC on one evening and the Lutoslawski Cello Concerto the next. The surrealism of contrasts also ties in with my love of Dali’s art and this is the second piece which has been influenced by his work (the first being La Métamorphose de Narcisse for two pianos).

It is for Drum Kit and Fixed Media and the latter comprises two strata. The first is midi drum track which, for much of the time, provides an uncompromising foil to the live performer but also extends the drum kit’s sounds by creating cymbal glissandi and playing impossibly fast gestures. The second strata is accompanimental and comprises various sounds which vary from the ticking of clocks through to gongs and explosions.

The Persistence of Memory